Album InformationEdit

The Pathfinders ....


Tenor: Tom Carey

Lead: Don Jenkins

Baritone: Tom Neal

Bass: Phil Carpenter

Bass Guitar: Jim WIllis

Piano?: Joe Dilley

Track ListEdit

Track # Song Title Length
1 Ready to Leave 1:50
2 Sing Me a Song About Jesus 2:37
3 That I Could Still Go Free 4:57
4 Hallelujah Meeting 2:29
5 When I've Traveled My Last Mile 3:15
6 I Just Feel That Something Good Is About to Happen* 2:05
7 Master of the Sea 3:45
8 Heaven's Jubilee 1:50
9 One Day at a Time 2:58
10 Nearer My God to Thee 2:12

  • This song is listed as shown on the album cover, but the song is actually "I Just Feel Like Something Good Is About to Happen" and is recorded with the correct word.

Production InformationEdit

Production InfoEdit

Recorded in Rite Records Studio


Recording Engineer: Phil Burkhardt


Rhythm Guitar: Dan Burton
Steel Guitar: Chuck Rich

Liner NotesEdit

From the back cover:

It is with great pleasure that we present this new album of Gospel Music. One of the greatest Christian challenges is the effective communication of the Gospel—who Jesus was, who He is, who He will always be: the incarnate, divine Son of God. Music helps meet this challenge. Singing draws people together. It gives people a chance to share in a common way their deepest feelings.
The Gospel songs inthis album were selected and recorded for the purpose of communicating the claims of Christ by lifting Him up and magnifying Him as the Son of the Living God. We pray that the majesty and strength and truth of these messages in song will be meaningful to you. We want you to know that we have endeavored "to sing with the spirit and with the understanding, making melody in our hearts to the Lord." (Eph. 5:19)
This album lays no claim to professional ability but is the expression of dedicated Christians who love to sing simply for God's glory and honor. We have attempted to exercise taste, enthusiasm, and above all reverence, in an effort to bring about the warmest possible response from the hearts of those that listen. We hope you will receive the same enjoyment and uplift listening to these songs as we did in singing them. You will find the messages ageless. So listen, right now ... as we share with you a portion of the promises found in the faith we hold.
The Pathfinders