About the SGMA Hall of FameEdit

List of InducteesEdit


Lee Roy Abernathy (Songwriter)
Wendy Bagwell (Wendy Bagwell & the Sunliters)
Clarice "Ma" Baxter (Stamps-Baxter Music & Printing)
JR Baxter (Stamps-Baxter Music & Printing)
Les Beasley (Florida Boys)
James Blackwood (Blackwood Brothers, Masters V)
Albert E. Brumley (Songwriter)
DP "Dad" Carter (Chuck Wagon Gang)
Denver Crumpler (Statesmen, Rangers Quartet)
John Daniel (John Daniel Quartet)
Jimmie Davis (Singer, Songwriter, Politician)
Wally Fowler (Oak Ridge Quartet, Promoter)
Bill Gaither (Songwriter, Bill Gaither Trio, Gaither Vocal Band, Homecoming)
Rusty Goodman (Happy Goodman Family, Plainsmen)
Connor Hall (Homeland Harmony, Tennessee Music & Printing Co.)
Herman Harper (Oak Ridge Boys, Harper & Associates)
Jake Hess (Statesmen, Imperials, Masters V, Melody Masters)
Eva Mae LeFevre (LeFevres)
Urias LeFevre (LeFevres)
Hovie Lister (Statesmen, Masters V, Palmetto State Quartet)
Mosie Lister (Songwriter, Melody Masters, Statesmen)
Marvin Norcross (Canaan Records)
WB Nowlin (Promoter)
Lloyd Orrell (Promoter)
OA Parris (Publisher, Songwriter)
Glen Payne (Cathedrals, Weatherfords)
Dottie Rambo (Songwriter, Rambos)
GT "Dad" Speer (Speer Family)
Brock Speer (Speer Family)
Lena "Mom" Speer (Speer Family)
Frank Stamps (Stamps Quartet, Stamps School of Music)
VO Stamps (Stamps-Baxter Music & Printing Company)
JD Sumner (Stamps, Blackwood Brothers, Sunshine Boys, Masters V)
Glenn Kieffer Vaughan (Vaughan Quartet, Vaughan Music Publishing Co.)
James D. Vaughan (Founder of Southern Gospel Music)
Big Jim Waits
James "Big Chief" Wetherington (Statesmen, Melody Masters)
JG Whifield (Florida Boys, Dixie Echoes, Singing News, Promoter)


Eldridge Fox (Kingsmen)
Ben Sper (Speer Family)
George Younce (Cathedrals, Blue Ridge Quartet, Weatherfords)


Smitty Gatlin (Oak Ridge Boys, Smitty Gatlin Trio)
Rex Nelon (Nelons, LeFevres, Homeland Harmony)
Adger M. Pace (Vaughan Radio Quartet, Gospel Music Teacher, Songwriter)
Rosie Rozell (Statesmen, Rosie Rozell & the Searchers, Masters V)
WB Walbert (James D. Vaughan Music Company, Vaughan School of Music)


EM Bartlett (Music Publisher, Songwriter)
James Roy "Pop" Lewis (Lewis Family)
Doy Ott (Statesmen, Homeland Harmony, Rangers Quartet)
AJ Showalter (Shape-Note Teacher, Publisher, Songwriter)
Earl Weatherford (Weatherfords)
Lily Fern Weatherford (Weatherfords)


Glen Allred (Florida Boys)
Cleavant Derricks (Songwriter)
Vep Ellis (Songwriter)
Naomi Sego Reader (Naomi & the Segos)
Dale Shelnut (Dixie Echoes, Tennesseans)
Ira Stanphill (Songwriter)


Buford Abner (Swannee River Boys, Songwriter)
RW Blackwood (Blackwood Brothers)
Jerry Goff (Jerry & the Singing Goffs, Master of Ceremonies)
Vestal Goodman (Happy Goodman Family)
Alphus LeFevre (LeFevres)
William Morgan Ramsey (Shape-Note Teacher, Songwriter)
RE Winsett (Gospel Music Teacher, Songwriter)


Dwight Brock (Stamps Quartet, Vaughan Radio Quartet)
Martin Cook (Inspirations)
Howard Goodman (Happy Goodman Family)
Fred C. Maples (Harmoneers)
John Alexander McClung (Gospel Music Teacher, Songwriter)
Otis McCoy (Homeland Harmony, Tennessee Music & Printing Co.)
J. Bazzel Mull (Radio Personality, Promoter)
Homer Rodeheaver (Gospel Music Publisher)
Marion Snider (Stamps Quartet, Blackwood Brothers, Imperial Quartet, Cass County Boys)
Bobby Strickland (Harmoneers, Sand Mountain Quartet, Statesmen, Crusaders)


Jim Hamill (Kingsmen)
Kenny Hinson (Hinsons)
Arnold Hyles (Rangers)
Lillian Little Soldier Klaudt (Klaudt Indian Family)
Harvey Lester (Lesters)
Ed O'Neal (Dixie Melody Boys)
Conley "London" Parris (Rebels, Blackwood Brothers, Apostles, Senators)
Derrell Stewart (Florida Boys)
BC Unseld (Gospel Music Teacher)
Charles Vaughan (Vaughan Quartet, Songwriter)
James D. Walbert (Vaughan Radio Quartet, Piano Teacher)


Robert S. Arnold (Songwriter, Teacher)
Anna Gordon Davis (Chuck Wagon Gang)
Elmo Fagg (Blue Ridge Quartet)
Gloria Gaither (Bill Gaither Trio, Writer)
Rosa Nell Speer Powell (Speer Family)
Smilin' Joe Roper (Melody Boys Quartet, Stamps Quartet)
Bill Shaw (Blackwood Brothers)
Erman Slater (Rangers Quartet, Harmoneers)
Jack Toney (Statesmen)
Eddie Wallace (Sunshine Boys)


Happy Edwards (Harmoneers Quartet)
Vernon Hyles (Rangers Quartet)
Bob Jones Sr. (Songfellows, Stamps Quartet)
Rose Carter-Karnes (Chuck Wagon Gang)
Charles Key (Harmoneers Quartet)
Jack Pittman (Palmetto State Quartet, Grand Ole Gospel Reunion)
Mary Tom Speer-Reid (Speer Family)
Henry Slaughter (Weatherfords, Jake Hess & the Imperials, Ozark Quartet, Henry & Hazel)
Maurice Templeton (Singing News, SGMA)
Wally Varner (Blackwood Brothers, Homeland Harmony, Revelaires, Deep South Quartet, Jubilaires)
Gerald Don Williams (Melody Boys Quartet, Plainsmen, Rosie Rozell & the Searchers, Venable Quartet)


Roger Bennett (Cathedrals, Legacy Five, Songwriter)
Anthony Burger (Kingsmen, Gaither Vocal Band, Soloist)
Joel Hemphill (Hemphills, Songwriter)
Lou Wills-Hildreth (Wills Family, Sword & Shield Records, SGMA, Texas Gospel Music Hall of Fame, Songwriter, Publisher)
Jimmy Jones (LeFevres, Otis Echols & the Melody Boys, Rangers Quartet, Deep South Quartet, Good News Singers, Heralds, Sunshine Boys, Songwriter/Poet)
David Reece (Ranger Trio, Blue Ridge Quartet, Rangers Quartet, Imperial Sugar Quartet, Stamps Ozark Quartet, Harvesters, Deep South Quartet, Songwriter/Comedian)
James Sego (Sego Brothers & Naomi, Songwriter)
Archie Watkins (Inspirations)


Fred Daniel (Sunshine Boys, Blue Ridge Quartet)
Polly Grimes (Promoter)
Herschel Lester (Lesters, Music Teacher)
Squire Parsons (Kingsmen, Squire Parsons Trio, Soloist, Songwriter)
Luther G. Presley (Songwriter, Publisher, Music Teacher)
Ray Dean Reese (Kingsmen)


Neil Enloe (Couriers)
Ed Hill (Prophets, JD Sumner & the Stamps, Singing Americans, Statesmen)
Harold Lane (Gospel Harmony Boys, Speer Family, Homeland Harmony)
Don Light (Don Light Talent)
Bill Lyles (Blackwood Brothers, Swanne River Boys)
Elizabeth "Lady" Mull (Promoter, TV/Radio Personality)
Billy Todd (Florida Boys, Dixie Echoes)
Charlie Waller (Grand Ole Gospel Reunion, SGMA, Florida Boys)


Little Jan Buckner-Goff
Danny Gaither (Bill Gaither Trio)
Sam Goodman (Happy Goodman Family)
Bill Hefner
Connie Hopper
Arthur Smith


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