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Just Call It Southern! (album)

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Album InformationEdit

Track ListEdit

Track # Song Title Artist Length
1 He'd Still Been God Greater Vision
2 Healing Cathedrals
3 I Go to the Rock Hoppers
4 Two Shoes Inspirations
5 Get Away Jordan Dove Brothers
6 Let's Celebrate Jesus Bishops
7 Anchored in the Rock Kingdom Heirs
8 Thread of Hope Jeff & Sheri Easter
9 Had a Little Talk with Jesus Booth Brothers
10 Angels Everywhere Greenes
11 You're Not Alone Kingsmen
12 You'd Better Run Legacy Five
13 Just a Little Talk with Jesus Kingdom Heirs
14 Love Lifted Me Ivan Parker
15 In the Garden Hoppers
16 Take a Moment and Live Greater Vision
17 Come Unto Me Bishops
18 Beyond the Sunset Gold City
19 This World Is Not My Home Crabb Family
20 When They Ring Those Golden Bells Florida Boys
21 Nothing but the Blood McKameys
22 Jesus Loves Me Amy Lambert

Production InformationEdit

Singing News Promotional CD

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