Album InformationEdit

Faithful was the last project recorded by the Cathedrals.


Cathedrals - Faithful CD Cover


Tenor: Ernie Haase

Lead: Glen Payne

Baritone: Scott Fowler

Bass: George Younce

Piano: Roger Bennett

Track ListEdit

Track # Song Title Length
1 Trying to Get a Glimpse 3:30
2 He Made a Change 3:40
3 Healing 4:41
4 That Day at Calvary 3:00
5 Because Jesus Said It 4:29
6 When They Call My Name 2:55
7 Saved, Saved 2:40
8 He Didn't Throw the Clay Away 4:45
9 Heaven's Joy Awaits* 3:13
10 Where the Milk and Honey Flow 3:41
11 I Want to See Jesus 4:08
12 Come Out of the Wilderness 2:53

Production InformationEdit

© 1998
Homeland Records
Distributed by the Landmark Group



Album Identification NumbersEdit

UPC: 701122980125


Singing News Fan AwardsEdit

Album of the Year - 1999

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